How To Design Character

How to make a characters of manga or anime. You can make many unique characters!


"Character design" which is an important element of manga and anime. This is not to design the personality of a character, but to design the appearance of a character.

When you do character design, the following problems occur frequently.

"This design is stereotyped", "This design is common and ordinary", "This design is different from my intention" etc...

How can we increase variations? How can we make a unique design? How can we design as intended? This article describes how to do it.

3 common problems with the character design

1. Stereotyped

"This design is stereotyped". In other words, the problem of few variations of character design. This is a problem often seen in professionals.

2. Common and Ordinary

"This design is common and ordinary". In other words, We have seen the design somewhere. I think that it is OK with that. However, if you can also make unique designs, the range of expressions will expand.

3. Different from the intention

"This design is different from my intention". In other words, you can not draw a design that gives the viewer the impression you desire. For example, "I want to draw a cool looking face with a strong, but it looks like a bad face"

How can we increase variations? How can we make a unique design? How can we design as intended?

Method: Model a real person

The method is ... to model a real person! ... It is not a new method. (Recently one-piece Eiichiro Oda does it)

However, it is a very good method. In this method, the three problems mentioned above are solved. Let's look one by one.

1. Not a Stereotyped

With this method, you can increase the number of design variations by the number of people you want to model.

There are many people who can model. For example, familiar people, celebrities such as actors and artists, historical figures etc.

In this way, you can increase variations of the design by modeling various types of people.

2. Not a Common and Ordinary

The problem of "Ikimari" is also solved.

If you design without a model, you will be affected by your favorite manga and animation. That is why it becomes a "We have seen the design somewhere".

On the other hand, if you model a real person, it is hard to be affected by manga and animation. They are also necessary.

Of course, it does not mean that your habits and the influence of your favorite manga and anime do not come out at all.

you can create unique characters by fusing your habits, your favorite manga and anime, and a real person.

3. As intended

As if casting an actor, you can find the best person.

For example, consider as follows. "I should design it with a cool and strong looking actor as a model. Who is the best? ... That's right! Ken Watanabe!"

It is as if a favorite actor appeared in your manga.

Since it is manga, the following problem does not occur.

"I like the idol that appeared in this TV drama ... but he is not good at acting ..."

The following problems also do not occur.

"I want to cast that big actor to this role, but guarantee is too expensive to pay ..."

There is no need to draw it alike

Even if it says to design with a real person as a model, there is no need to draw it exactly. Because, the purpose of this method is to make good characters. It is not to draw a good portrait.

However, if you can not express the characteristics of the modeled person, selecting a model will be wasted. Therefore, it is better to have some skill of drawing a portrait.

Your Character design will be very good!

Character design with a real person as a model is a method from a long time ago, but I think that few creators are actively doing it.

I hope many creators use this technique. And I hope that many unique characters will be born.

-How To Design Character

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