How To Make Manga


How To Make Manga

How to make manga panel layout. "Shisen Yudo" (= Viewpoint guidance) is important!

"Shisen Yudo" (視線誘導) is important for panel layout of manga. ...


How To Make Manga by Digital

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About "Motion Comics" - What is the Ideal Form of Moving Manga?

With the development of digital technology, "moving manga" a ...


How To Make Manga How To Make Manga by Digital

Panels of "Mecri and Hiki". Red and blue panels are "Mecri and Hiki"

How to Make Manga | Basics of Panel Layout. What is "Mekuri and Hiki"? 3 Roles and Applications to Digital

"Mekuri and Hiki" is the basis of the manga panel layout. Th ...


How to Drawing How To Make Manga

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From What Do You Start Drawing? Drawing Order of Face. The Basics is This! How to Draw Manga or Caricatures

When drawing manga characters or caricatures, which face par ...


How To Make Manga by Digital

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If you fail, you may be sued! How to use / find copyright-free materials

For blogs and SNS, I think that many people search the Inter ...


How to Drawing How To Make Manga by Digital


How to draw scene paintings with photos - Basic is Processing + Draw on it! Not Tracing!

It may be said that "The way to draw pictures using photo is ...


How To Make Manga

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How to be a manga artist - to maintain motivation even if bad evaluation by editors

There are various ways to become a manga artist. The main wa ...


How To Make Manga

Basics of manga layout ... "Explain the situation first". What is the first panel?

It is often said Basics of manga layout ... "Explain the sit ...

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