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How to be a manga artist - to maintain motivation even if bad evaluation by editors

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There are various ways to become a manga artist. The main way is bringing it to a publishing company or newcomer prize.

Some people are frustrated by the editor's assessment or comments on the newcomer prize.

I think that it is better not to take such opinion of the editor seriously.

In this article I am writing how to keep motivation when we receive bad comments from editors.

In other words, it is about what is necessary for creators not to slump.

With only editor's point of view, nothing can be created

When you hear the opinions of the editor, you can see your work objectively. I think that is a good thing.

However, you do not have to worry about it.

No matter how much you draw, your comic may seem boring and you may fall into a slump.

Without confidence that there is no evidence that "This manga that I am drawing now is funniest!" Can not draw manga.

About that, Mr. Kazuhiro Fujita, a manga artist, commented on NHK "Urasawa Naoki no MANBEN" as follows.


―from NHK "Urasawa Naoki no MANBEN". Mr. Kazuhiro Fujita's comment

Simply put, it means that he can not draw manga unless he gets intoxicated with his work.

And, he needs to be excited to draw manga.

NHK "Urasawa Naoki no MANBEN" [Blu-ray]

Similar things are written in "Mangaka Sai-Nyumon 1" by Isami Nakagawa. I will quote it below. This is a comment by Katsuhiro Otomo.

From "Mangaka Sai-Nyumon 1" by Isami Nakagawa

From "Mangaka Sai-Nyumon 1" by Isami Nakagawa

"Mangaka Sai-Nyumon 1" by Isami Nakagawa (Kindle)


anslating the words of Otomo Katsuhiro is as follows

"Do not reflect on it"
"Reckless Energy"
"Energy is necessary"
"Just like young people are singing rock"

I think that the meaning of "reckless energy" is blind belief in oneself.

It is also important to analyze your work from a calm perspective. But that alone will make creative activities impossible.

If you are too strict with your work, you can not make a work.

In that sense, I think he is saying "Do not reflect on it".

If you take editor's comments seriously, you may lose "Reckless Energy". And you may reflect on it.

How to accept editor's comments


How can we take editorial comments in order to maintain motivation?

I thought as follows.

The quality of your work is not being evaluated


I think that the following things are common.

As for the editor's comment, it is to understand like "I am being evaluated the quality of my work".

However, the editor commented in the meaning that "I want you to repair this part as manga to be placed in our magazine."

No matter how bad the evaluation is, you should not think that "the quality of my manga is low".

When the editor makes a bad evaluation about your work, I think that it is better to understand as follows.

"It will not suit this magazine, then you can post it in other magazines or publish it in other ways!"

They don't teach you how to draw manga


The editor is not a teacher who tells me how to draw manga.

Therefore, it is wrong to expect "to give advice for nurturing newcomers".

Editor's comments at the New Award are almost abstract contents.

Abstract comments seem to have little value, so I think that it is better not to take seriously.



To summarize what I would like to say in this article, it is as follows.

To draw manga, "excitement" and "reckless energy" are necessary.

Be careful not to lose them by editor's comment!

List of references in this article

NHK "Urasawa Naoki no MANBEN" [Blu-ray]

"Mangaka Sai-Nyumon 1" by Isami Nakagawa (Kindle)

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