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From What Do You Start Drawing? Drawing Order of Face. The Basics is This! How to Draw Manga or Caricatures

man drawing caricature

When drawing manga characters or caricatures, which face parts do you start drawing?

Of course there are no rules, but I think there is a logical order to draw.

I tried thinking with reference to a book on how to draw a caricature.

Logical face drawing order

The drawing order described here is a drawing order that makes it easy to determine the positions of face parts.

I thought with reference to the following books.

Tomoko Ogawara no Nigaoe Nyumon - Choukantan "Position Shiki" De Hajimete Demo Rakuraku Kakeru Tanoshimeru! (Syumi-Nyumon)


This drawing order is based on the theory of caricature, so this is suitable for drawing the face of the same person over and over. By this drawing order, I think that the technique of drawing a human face will stabilize.

The drawing order is as follows.

  1. Outline of face (forehead / head)
  2. Eyes
  3. Mouth
  4. Nose

Below I explain the grounds.

Outline of face is basis for position of all parts

The outline of face is the basis for position of all parts.

The forehead line is also important for thinking about position.

Therefore, it is better to decide not only the line of the chin but also the forehead line.

It would be better to draw the whole outline of the head.

It is okay to draw hair at this point. However, it is OK if only the forehead line has been decided.

Eyes position is very important

Eye position is quite important. The position of the eyes greatly affects the impression of the face.

The position of the eyes is based on the outline. So "Outline of face→ Eyes" order.

Some people draw eyes first, but I think that it is easier to control the position and size of the eye by drawing the outline first.

Eye height

The eye height standard is the length from the top of the forehead to the tip of the jaw. (The width of the red line in the figure)

The height of general eyes is slightly above the middle (blue line). Just around the middle, the position of the eye is lower.

Just a slight difference in the eyes, the impression of the face changes considerably.

face parts position of eyes hight

Distance between eyes

The criterion for measuring whether the distance between eyes is narrow or wide is also outline of face.

A bit inner side of the blue line in the figure is the average position. The blue line is two of the quadrants of the width of the face.

face parts position eyes span

Eye size

The size of the eyes is important for large eyes character. Just a slight change in eye size changes the impression of the face considerably.

The basis of eye size is also outline of the face.

As mentioned above, if you draw eyes first, the outline of face is not fixed. That is, the size of the eyes is not fixed.


Basis of the position of mouth is also outline

If you can adjust the length of chin, you will improve the technique of drawing male characters.

In order to adjust the length of the shin, the outline of the face is necessary.

And if you draw mouth first from the eyes, it affects the height of the eyes. Therefore, the order of "Eyes → Mouth" would be good.

face parts position mouth

Nose position basis are eyes and mouth

The standard of the nose position is not the outline of the face. It is only the eyes and mouth.

The impression of the face is different depending on whether the nose is close to the eyes or close to the mouth.

Therefore, it becomes the order of "Eyes → Mouth → Nose".

face parts position nose

Other order is not basic

This drawing order is easy to determine the position of parts.

I think that people who draw with similar parts positions always can draw in any order.

People with superior imagination will be able to determine the positions of face parts regardless of the drawing order.

In order to draw a good facial expression, some people will draw the outline of face at the end.

In other words, the drawing order of parts of the face is different for each person

However, I think that the drawing order described in this article is the basic. Other drawing order is not wrong, but it is not basic.

Even if you change your favorite drawing order later, I think that it is very different between knowing this basics and not knowing it.

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