How To Make Story

How to Make a Story - The Method of Research that Anyone Can Easily Do Without Paying a Lot of Money

In order to make interesting stories, "Research" is important.

However, it is difficult to do a good "Research" without money, time, or connection.

In this article, I explains how easily anyone can do a good "Research". I think this is the method used by many creators.

Of course, it is a method other than net search.

Research on existing works

Today is the era when there are many stories in the world.

In other words, many creators have made a lot of story by doing "Research" in various fields.

We should first refer to the results of our predecessors. In other words, first of all, we should research on existing works.

For example, to create a scene of "fire", watch the movie "Back Draft" and "Research".

If it is a little scene, this is enough

Of course, it is not always possible to do enough research with this method alone.

For example, in order to make a real firefighter's story, you can not understand the latest firefighter only by watching existing works. Then it will probably become a recycled idea.

But if, for example, a fire is not the main and there is a fire scene on a part of the story, it may be enough to research existing works.

In other words, I think that it is enough as a research for scenes that are not central.

Example that seems to be using this method

CONAN - The Boy in Future -

Actually, I think Hayao Miyazaki also uses this method.

I think that the diving scene of "CONAN - The Boy in Future -" refers to the diving movie "The Deep"

In the sunken ship, it is a scene that sucks up air accumulated under the ceiling.

There are scenes that are similar to the situation in both works.

You can see the following things. He gained professional information on diving by seeing a movie of diving.

We can also obtain professional information by watching professional movies.

The scene of anime "Future Boy Conan" (1978) supervised by Hayao Miyazaki. sucking air accumulated under the ceiling

The scene of anime "CONAN - The Boy in Future -" (1978) Sucking air accumulated under the ceiling

The Scene of the movie "The Deep" (1977) sucking air accumulated under the ceiling

The Scene of the movie "The Deep" (1977) Sucking air accumulated under the ceiling

CONAN - The Boy in Future - (

The Deep (

It is also preparation for an interview

I think this will be a preparation for interviewing.

You should interview what you do not understand even if you prepare and study the net and book.

As part of the preparation, we refer to the existing story.

It makes no sense to do the same interview with past people.

Manga is rich in information

Manga is more information than movie. Manga is mostly a long story. There are also many sentences.

There are more visual information than books with only sentences.

For example, "Slam Dunk" for a basketball story, "Oishinbo" for a cooking story, "Hikaru no Go" for the story of The game of "Go".

I think that there are many creators who refer manga to make manga.

It will also be the scene painting data

In order to draw manga, we may go shooting pictures to use for scene painting.

It's easy if it's close, but it's difficult if the destination is far. Also in this case, I think that you can collect data with existing works.

For example, if the location of the story is overseas, watch overseas movies and do data collection for scene painting.

Of course, you can not use the image of the movie as it is copied and processed. It is just for reference.

I also wrote an article on precautions when using copyright-free materials, so please read.


Everyone can easily do, the method of research is to "refer to existing works".

By referring to manga, movies and novels, you can gain professional knowledge.

It is also a research of scene painting.

-How To Make Story

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