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2 tips for improve drawing | Not just training, theory to draw well is also important!


"How can I improve my drawing skills?" - Some people may answer, "Just train many times!".

On the contrary, some people may say: "You don't have to train many times" "If you have a theory, you improve!".

I think both opinions are extreme. "Theory" + "Training". Both are important.

In this article, I am summarizing what is the theory to draw a picture better.

Think about what you want to draw well

People who are good at drawing pictures are various.

A person who can draw machine pictures well, but human pictures are bad.

A person who can draw human pictures well, but animal pictures are bad.

A person who can draw a animal pictures well, but landscape pictures are bad... etc.

So, you need to think "what you want to draw well". Then you know what kind of theory you need.

The following are 2 cases of those who have improved in drawing by considering what kind of picture to draw well.Both of them are very successful examples in a short time despite having few experience of painting.

2 cases where beginners have improved in a short time

Case 1: Students of Engineering

I have attended a class called "engineering drawing" at university. In the lesson, We learned how to draw pictures of machine.

That is not an art college but an engineering university. Most people who are taking lessons are beginners in drawing.

I think we received about 60min lessons less than 12 times. Ultimately, everyone was able to draw very well.

Of course, these people would not be able to draw pictures of humans and animals well. However, drawing pictures of machines only improved a lot in a short time.

I think this case is evidence that it is important to think what kind of picture you want to draw well. I think that learning theory is also a reason for their improvement.

Case 2: My family

One of my family is a beginner in drawing. He is good at programming, but he was not good at painting.

However, I do not know why, but he seems to have set a goal of "I want to draw pictures of cat well".

He continued to draw just pictures of cat. He borrowed books of how to draw cats at the library and drew it a lot.

About a month ago. I was surprised to see his picture. It is very good!

The reason why he improved his skills was that he learned the theory of how to draw cats and train it based on it.

2 tips for improve drawing

Part 1: Collect theory

First of all, let's clarify "what you want to draw well". And, let's look for the theory for that, on net or books.

Or, observe the object well and try to make your own theory.

What will appear in your picture or manga ? Let's list them and gather theories for drawing it well.

Part 2: Training to realize the theory

Even with just theory, I will improve to a certain extent. However, it is better to do the training to draw.

Training leads to realizing the theory. And you can see if you understand the theory firmly.


The following is summary of tips for drawing pictures to improve.

  • Clarify "what you want to draw well" and gather the theory for that.
  • Train according to theory.

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