Manga "Mud Men" by Daijiro Morohoshi. Summary of the scenes that Hayao Miyazaki seems to have been influenced



It is said that Manga "Mud Men" by Daijiro Morohoshi has influenced "Castle Laputa in the Sky" and "Princess Mononoke".

This article has summarized several scenes that Hayao Miyazaki seems to have been influenced.

Origin of "Balus!"

The scenes that are supposed to be the original of Laputa's "Balus!" Are as follows.


From "Mud Men" - A scene that is supposed to be the original of "Balus"

In the upper right panel there is the word "Balus". "Balus" is explained in Pidgin as meaning "pigeons".

Just a word "Balus" just comes out, it has nothing to do with the story of Laputa.

Regardless of whether it is truly original or not, I think it is important to quote such a cool word.

When making fantasy words like Laputa, it is better to quote from existing words. When you make your own original words, there is a high possibility of becoming words that are not cool.

It is easier to find a cool word if you quote from a minor language as possible.

If Laputa's "Balus" original is Pidgin, I think it's a wonderful choice. This word is cool.

Original of "Kodama"

"Mud Men" are similar to "Kodama" of "Princess Mononoke". The early image of "Kodama" was more like "Mud Men". → Reference page


Mud Men - From "Mud Men" by Daijiro Morohoshi


I think that it is similar that the shape of the mask is various.

"Various shapes of masks" will also appear in manga "Kingdom". This comic may also be affected by "Mad Men".

When we draw such a character, I think that everyone usually draws the same mask. Like "Kodama", I think that we usually draw on the same face if we draw small and many characters.

I think that the idea that "shape is various" has various uses.

Original of Nausicaa

The character similar to Nausicaa is also appearing in "Mud Men".

I think that it is similar to Nausicaa that she follows the legend and comes to the village.


The girl who resembles Nausicaa - From "Mad Men" by Daijiro Morohoshi


Boys that are similar to "Tikuku" appearing in the manga version of Nausicaa have also appeared. The appearance is similar. The role in the story is similar.


The boy who resembles Tikuku - From "Mad Men" by Daijiro Morohoshi


Search for the original and learn how to make a story

I do not know whether the example given in this article really affected Hayao Miyazaki. Characters that seem to be original are just like appearances and roles in the story.

Many creators arrange the ideas of others' works and use it for their works.

This is one of the techniques for making a story.

In order to learn how to arrange, I think it is important to look for the original of various works.

Looking for the original will learn how to make a story.


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