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2 methods of making a story - which one are you using?



How can we make a story of manga or novels? Shall we wait for "Come down from heaven"?

In this article, I summarize 2 kinds of ways to make a story. By choosing between these two, I think that we can make a story efficiently.

which one are you using?

Character first, or World view first?

When making a story, will you make a character first? Or will you make a world view first? Some may make them at the same time, but basically we should make either one first.

The composer also seems to choose whether to make the lyrics first or to create a melody first. The result seems to be quite different depending on which one is made first. In that respect, how to make a story may be similar.

If you can choose well which one to make first, I think that the efficiency of making a story will improve. In this article, I summarized the features of the two methods.

Method 1: Characters First

Example: "Anpanman"

The first example is Japanese popular anime "Anpanman". A lot of characters will appear in "Anpanman". It appeared in Guinness as "animation with the most character". Why are there so many characters?

The cause is because characters are made first.

For example, new characters are appearing in most episodes, such as "Anpanman and Bibikinman" "Anpanman and Curry Panman" "Anpanman and Himigakiman" etc...

It is no doubt that it is "Character First".

A special example: "Doraemon"

"Doraemon" can also be said as "Character First". "Doraemon" is the most episode, a new future gadget will appear. And that is the story of that new gadget.

If we regard the future gadget as a kind of character, we can regard it as "Character First".

Advantage of "Character First"

The advantage of ”Character First" is that you can make a lot of stories like "Anpanman" and "Doraemon".

It is hard to make a lot of the world view, but it is not too difficult to make a lot of characters.

Method 2: Worldview First

When you watching a movie or reading a novel.Have you ever thought as follows? "The plot and the world view are amazing, but the presence of the character is poor ...".

In the case of comics and animation, such works may be regarded as not interesting. However, it is not always interesting in general.

I think that they are probably made by the method of "Worldview First".

Example: Science Fiction and Fantasy

The method of "World view first" is often used when making SF and fantasy. For example, consider the following.

"If ______, what kind of world will it be?"

If you apply scientific things to the part of ______, you can make a SF world view. If you apply fantasy-like things, you can make a fantasy worldview.

For example, consider as follows. "If there was a world in which the robot is becoming popular ... becoming such a world, there is such a business, and such a case will happen ...". If you do this, you can make SF of the robot.

In this way, think about the world view first, and make a story. The character is just to make it easier to advance the story. It is the reverse procedure to "Character First".

This is the method of "Worldview First"

Advantage and Disadvantage of "Worldview First"

"Worldview First" is difficult to make the character unique. Because you creates characters to fit into the world view you thought first, the freedom of the character is restricted.

On the contrary, "Worldview First" is an easy way to create a unique world view.

Comparison of ”Character First" and "Worldview First"

The table comparing the difference between "Character First" and "Worldview First" is as follows.

  Character First Worldview First
Unique Character Good Not suitable
Unique Worldview Not suitable Good
Make a lot of stories Good Not suitable

If you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the two methods, you will acquire the technique of choosing the method according to what kind of work you want to make.

For example, if you want to make a character unique, use "Character First". If you want to make a story of an amazing worldview use "Worldview First". As a series work, if you want to make lots of episodes, use "Character First" ... and so on.

A is recommended when making Manga

In manga industry, it is better not to use "Worldview First" because it is better to make a character unique.

If you want to use "Worldview First" in manga, you have to make efforts to make the character unique as possible.


2 methods of making a story is as follows.

  • Character First:Make a character first, think about the world view and the story.
  • Worldview First:Make the world view and plot first, think about the character later.

If you understand the procedure of making a story, I think that you will be able to create a story smoothly without waiting for "Come down from heaven".

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