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How to make a story | What is "Front Theme" and "Back Theme"?


Most story has "Front theme" and "Back theme".

For that matter, Talk of Toshio Okada is recommended. The contents of the talk are officially released on YouTube.

I think the content is very easy to understand and actually useful content. Especially, I think it will help to keep motivation to make the work to the end.

The contents of the talk were summarized briefly below.

Talk of Toshio Okada on the theme of the story

Talk is divided and uploaded. "FREEex" which is the organization of Toshio Okada uploaded this video. ↓

There are 4 stages in the theme of a story

Toshio Okada says "There are four stages in the theme of the story".

He is taking about "Star Wars" as an example to illustrate 4 stages.

1st stage theme: For sponsors

The 1st stage is a superficial theme. This is a front theme.

He says that the theme of the 1st stage of Star Wars is "space action".

This is a theme useful for promoting to sponsors or publicly advertising in general.

It is similar to categorizing.

2nd stage theme: For audience

The 2nd stage is a little deep theme. This is a theme useful for explaining "what is this story" to the audience

He says "The father killing" the 2nd stage theme of Star Wars.

He further explains as follows. "Episode 1, 2, 3 is a story that enters the way of evil by killing a father" "Episode 4 · 5 · 6 is a story to help by killing a father (indirectly)"

I think that this second stage is a general definition of the theme of the story. I think the theme I discussed in another article is this stage.↓

How to make a story | What is ”theme"? - Is it different from "message"?

3rd stage theme: For staff

After this stage is the back theme. The 3rd stage theme is internal information for the staff.

He says that the 3rd stage theme of Star Wars is "dedication to art."

Jedi is dedicated to the Force, observing the ascetic and harsh rules. This is linked with staff dedication to the art of film.

With this theme, the story of the movie will be the story of the staff. For the staff, it is not a story not related to themselves.

And it will be an incentive to make a movie. In other words, it leads to the maintenance of motivation. This is the same even if you make a work with only one person.

4th stage theme: For individual person

The 4th stage theme is the theme for one person, such as director.

He says that the 4th stage theme of Star Wars is "denial of love."

In Star Wars story, love does not produce good results.

He explains that it reflects the life experience and values of George Lucas.

In other words, the director's idea and real intention are oozing. That is the 4th stage theme.

And he explains that the 4th stage is the theme that the individual creator secretly has.

I think that it can be said that the theme of this stage is expressing creator 's anguish and life.

Benefits of creating 4 stage themes

He says that if the 4 stages of the theme are solid, the quality of the story improves.

And I think staff and director will also lead to motivation enhancement.

If the motivation increases, it will lead to the creation of the work to the end, which also leads to an increase in the quality of the work.

Many creators have similar this idea

Many creators are thinking about personal themes like the 3rd and 4th stages when making a story.


"Front theme" and "back theme" in the story are as follows.

  • Front theme: For Sponsor, For audience
  • Back theme: For staff. For individual person.

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