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How to make a story | By using your characteristics, you can make a good story.

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There are a lot of stories that made use of the hobby, expertise and characteristics of the author.

Such a work is very interesting.

The article here lists examples of such works. And think about how we can make stories using our own characteristics.

Examples of works based on specialty

"Slam dunk" - a story about "Favorite Things"

Takehiko Inoue: Slam Dunk (Jump Comics)

Manga "Slam Dunk" can only be drawn by people who love basketball. It can only be drawn by a person who knows the interest of basketball.

In other words, if you make a story with subject matter you like, you might be able to make a story that others can not make.

Because many people like basketball. There are a lot of people who can draw manga. But there are only a few people who have both.

In addition, making authors' works with subjects of their own favorites leads to high motivation. Because motivation is a source of life for creators, this is also a big merit.

I think that "favorite thing" is a powerful weapon in making a story.

"Black Jack" - an example utilizing "specialized field"

Osamu Tezuka: Black Jack 1

This is a work that uses expertise that I learned at university.

Tezuka Osamu who painted "Black Jack" has a doctor's license. Despite such a great field of expertise, not to make manga the subject until the later years is a proof that he is full of ideas.

Arthur C. Clarke seemed to be majoring in physics and mathematics at the university. That knowledge is used to make a story.

One example is a novel "The Fountains of paradise" on "Orbit Elevator". In his novel, he utilizes physics and mathematics and draws the orbital elevator in detail.

The Fountains of paradise

Arthur C. Clarke: The Fountains of paradise (Japanese)

In this way, I think that if you make a story using 'specialized field you majored in', 'knowledge gained in previous job' etc, you can create interesting work.

Examples of works based on unexpected hobby

Manga "Tori-Pan" - A maniac hobby story


Torinonanko: Tori-Pan (Wide KC Morning)

"I do not have good field of specialization or expertise ..."

Even if you feel like this, think carefully.

There may be something to become a story.

I think that manga "Tori-Pan" is such an example. This manga is a story about the author's hobby of "feeding birds."

I think that the idea of ​​making a story using such a maniac hobby can not be thought without thinking carefully.

In other words, the subject which becomes an interesting story may still be asleep in you.

Your habit, daily routine, maniac hobby etc... When you think carefully, there may be subjects that you can use to make stories in yourself.

An example of a story making story

"Hoero pen" - Manga about manga artists

Kazuhiko Shimamoto: Hoero Pen 1

"No matter how I think, I do not have a field of specialty!" ... Even such people should definitely have one field of specialty.

In other words, being thinking about making manga or novels means that "creating manga and novels" itself is supposed to be your own specialty.

In other words, you can make a story based on "making manga or novels" as a theme.

"Manga Michi" by Fujiko Fujio A is famous as a manga about manga artists.

What I recommend is "Hoero pen" series by Kazuhiko Shimamoto.


Favorite things, Specialized field, Maniac hobby, creating manga or novels etc... If you have this kind of information, it would be better to use it for a story.

After all, it means that you should make a story with information you have and other people do not have much.

-How To Make Story

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