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How to draw scene paintings with photos - Basic is Processing + Draw on it! Not Tracing!


It may be said that "The way to draw pictures using photo is Tracing".

However, "Tracing" is troublesome and I think that it is a basic application method, not a basic method.

This article summarizes the basics of how to draw scene paintings using photographs.

What is "tracing"

Here, we define the "tracing".

"Tracing" is to trace the picture and draw a line.

The era when the digital technology is underdeveloped was done using "Light Box".

This method is an analog way because the person who draws traces the photo with his own sense.

In modern times digital technology has developed, so it is uncomfortable to say "Drawing pictures with photographs = Tracing".

In this way, scene painting will be fun!

Even if you dislike scene painting, you may enjoy it if you use the method described in this article.

I hated scene painting. It is because the draft is troublesome. Tracing is troublesome too.

But after using the method described in this article, I like scene painting. Because I do not need to draft or trace.

By this method, I feel that new expression becomes possible. The following is a description of that method.

Basic is "processing + draw on it"

It can be made just by processing photos

By using image editing software, you can make landscape painting just by processing photos.

Even black and white, color is fine.

For black and white, see the page of "" 

For color, see see the page of "" 

Even drawing outlines can be done to some extent automatically. First of all, it is the beginning to know what the PC can do automatically.

Draw on it

Using a PC, if you just processed the photo automatically, it will be a somewhat mechanical picture.

Many creators draw pictures that are not mechanical by drawn on automatically processed photos.

In other words, they use processed pictures as "Drafts".

"Process photo + Draw on it". I think this is the basis for drawing scene paintings using photographs.

Tracing is not "Draft"

As part of "Draw on processed photos", trace when you want to add a line with humanity.

This is the role of tracing.

In other words, tracing is not a draft.

I think that it is meaningless to trace for drafts. Just processing the photo is enough for draft.

Examples of creators draw with photos

Black and white: Inio Asano

In NHK's TV program "Urasawa Naoki no MANBEN", the drawing method of the manga artist "Inio Asano" was introduced. How to make scene painting of manga using photos is filmed in detail.

Instead of tracing, it is a method of printing photos processed with image editing software and adding analog lines.


Color: Makoto Shinkai

The animation director "Makoto Shinkai"'s work is famous for its beautiful scene painting using digital technology.

Although he draws based on the processed photographs, he draws a lot on there.

He draws things that are not in the picture, adds light, draws shadows ..., his work is far from the photos based on it.

Software for processing photos

The recommended image processing software is "Photoshop".

Performance in terms of photographic processing is excellent. Information on how to use exists abundantly on the Internet than other software.

This software is available for monthly payment, and it can be used at 980 yen / month if "Photography plan".

Once you sign up on a monthly basis, you can always use the latest version. As the technology develops swiftly, this type of contract is recommended. → "Photography plan" Details

Take photos by yourself. Or use public domain

Let's take pictures by yourself or look for 'public domain' ones.

It is not good to use photographs that are not permitted to process or photographs that require credit notation.

For "public domain", see another article:If you fail, you may be sued! How to use / find copyright-free materials


Basics of drawing scene painting using photos are as follows.

  1. Image processing pictures
  2. Draw on processed pictures

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