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How to Make Story Opening That Will Get Readers Hooked. It Needs 3 Pieces of Information


It is difficult to make a good opening of a story.

This article summarizes how to make an opening that will get readers hooked.

There are 3 pieces of information that need to be included in a good opening. There is also written about bad opening.

Bad opening

The following opening is often. However, I think that it is not an opening that interests readers.

  • Conversation that do not understand the situation.
  • Many words that do not understand meaning come out.
  • Action scene that do not know what they are doing.
    etc ...

What is common to these is that it is hard to understand what is going on at the opening.

Basic: Easy to understand

The intriguing opening is basically "easy to understand".

Do not hide information too much

Hiding information is one of the techniques that makes a story more interesting.

However, there are information that can be hidden and information that should not be hidden.

One of the information that should not be hidden is about "Now" in the opening.

Hiding information of "Future: What will happen after the opening" and "Past: Cause of opening" may make an intriguing opening.

However, in the opening, if you do not understand what is happening "Now" you will not be interested in the story.

Lisa Cron wrote as follows.

So what happens when you can’t anticipate what might happen next, when you can’t even make sense of what’s happening now?

Usually you decide to find something else to read, pronto.  

ーfrom "Wired for Story: The Writer's Guide to Using Brain Science to Hook Readers from the Very First Sentence" by Lisa Cron

The basics of opening is that it is easy to understand.

And it need the following 3 pieces of information.

Information 1: Story Question

"Story Question" is, in most cases, the goal or desire of the protagonist.

Article about Story Question: How to Make a Story ーWhat is "Story Question" and "Central Question" ?

This is an essential element of the story. Without this, it is not a story.

This is all that is needed for the opening. The remaining two pieces of information are necessary to clarify the story question.

Information 2: Who is the protagonist?

Protagonist should be explained at the opening if necessary for the story question.

Story Question is mostly the goal and desire of the protagonist. So, in most cases, we should clarify the protagonist at the beginning.

Information 3: Settings

The story settings should be explained at the opening if necessary for the story question.

There is no need to explain everything in detail. Just explain what is necessary for the story question.

This is especially important in fantasy stories and science fiction.


The basics of opening is easy to understand.

And the information necessary for the opening that will get readers hooked is as follows.

  • Story Question
  • Who is the protagonist?
  • Settings

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