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How to make a story | What is ”theme"? - Is it different from "message"?

What is "theme" of story?

Do you think of something like "Should cherish nature" "Should cherish life" "War is not good"? I used to do so before.

For that reason, I thought that "The theme is not necessary for a story!"

In the first place, I did not understand well what "theme" was.

In this article, what is a "theme"? I would like to think as simple as possible.

I also wrote an article about "There are 4 stages in the theme of a story". Please look. →How to make a story | What is "Front Theme" and "Back Theme"?

Practicality is more important than accurate definition

By the way, I belonged to the Faculty of Engineering at the university.

I think engineering is a field that emphasizes "practicality" rather than the accuracy of the theory.

"What is a theme?" "What is a motif?" Their definition is various. Rather than thinking about definitions, I would like to think about "practicality".

How to use "theme" to make interesting stories? about it. So, I tried to summarize it with an idea like a science.

Think about "research papers"

Theme = Title of a research paper

In the case of research papers, "theme" = "title".

I think comics and novels are a kind of research paper. So, just like research papers, I think that you can think about a theme.

For example, what is the theme of manga "Black Jack"? When I express it like a research paper, I think that "What does it mean that a doctor tries to help people's lives?"

In this way, think of titles like research papers. I think that the title can be used as the theme of the story.

Discuss the theme from various angles: "Body"

Research papers discuss the theme using various references and experimental data.

It is a so-called "body" part. Story is the same.

Let's think about in the case of "Black Jack".

There are episodes that express Black Jack's idea, and there are episodes that express the idea of "Doctor Kiriko".

There are episodes that "a doctor can help people like this", and on the other hand, there are episodes that "a doctor can not help the life of a person".

In this way, theme of story is expressed in various angles using various characters and episodes.

Message is "conclusion"

At the end of a research paper, there is usually "conclusion".

"Conclusion" is based on what you wrote in "body", "what you want to say" is written

The story is the same.

Consider again "Black Jack" as an example.

What Black Jack says is not necessarily a message. Doctor · Kiriko's opinion is one-sided.

About the theme, as a result of expressing with various characters and episodes, what will be conveyed ... That is the conclusion, "message".

The "message" of the story is not necessarily the last as it is different from research paper.

It is usual to make casual words and secret behind the words.

In some cases it may not be explained in words.

"Message" is not always necessary

There is a story with no conclusion.

That is to make the reader think the conclusion.

In other words, there is no message.

Messages are not always necessarily. However, themes are always necessary.


In the idea that the story is a kind of research paper, I tried to summarize "What is theme of story?"

It may be criticized as "Definition is wrong." However, considering practicality, I think that this is OK.

Please refer if you do not mind.

  • The theme of the story is like the title of a research paper.
  • Characters and episodes are for discussing various subjects about themes.
  • A message is like a conclusion of a research paper.


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