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How to Make a Story | Mystery Makes Stories of All Genres More Interesting!


"Mystery" makes stories of all genres interesting. The reader will want to read the continuation of your story.

In this article, I list the example of works that makes a story interesting by mystery. And how to do it and its effect are summarized.

"Inherit the Stars" James P. Hogan

There are many works in the science fiction that contain mystery. As an example I will list "Inherit the Stars" by James Patrick Hogan

This is a popular work in Japan. It affected manga and anime.

Presenting a big mystery

In this work, a big mystery is presented at the beginning of the story. It is a mystery like the following.

In the moon, a corpse of a human wearing a red space suit was discovered. - When measuring the age of the corpse, it turned out to be a corpse of 50,000 years ago! The corpse looks like an earthling person ... Who is this corpse?

In order to know the answer of this mystery, the reader will want to read the continuation of the story.

How to make big mystery - think about absolutely impossible

How can I make a mystery? I think that we should consider something that the reader thinks "impossible! ... why?"

At the beginning of Manga "PLITO" by Naoki Urasawa, the big mystery which readers can think "impossible! ... Why?" Is made.


Pluto: Urasawa x Tezuka, Vol. 1

The mystery in SF is scientifically impossible.

In order to make a mystery with a fantasy story, we need to decide firmly what is possible in the world and what is impossible.

"Doubutu No Oishasan" by Noriko Sasaki

Doubutsu No Oishasan Vol.1 [Japanese]

Also add a mystery to a heartwarming story, making it a more interesting story.

Manga "Animal doctor" is also one of them.

The mystery of this work is small. For example, "Who is the criminal who plucked the dog's hair?" "Who is the culprit who peels off the control seal?"

Although it is a small mystery, it contributes to entertaining readers.

Small mystery is Spice

Small mystery seems to be a spice that makes a story a little more interesting.

When you feel that the story you are writing is a bit uninteresting, how about adding a small mystery?


Mystery make stories of all genres more interesting.

Big mystery and small mystery make a story interesting as well.

-How To Make Story

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